San Francisco native Christina Orman-Benitez has always had a passion for brows. As a teenager and young adult suffering from acne, she took it upon herself to create a solution for her personal needs. Having an intrigue in beauty from a young age, she experimented sculpting friend's eyebrows and applying their makeup, honing her natural talent into a skill. In 2006, she decided to turn that passion into a career and graduated as a licensed esthetician from Miss Marty's School of Beauty in San Francisco.

Many people don't know how important eyebrows are.

Any nail salon employee will do? Christina begs to differ. As the eyebrow controls the entire look of your face, a botched job can create an expression you wish not to share. A correctly shaped brow, however, will leave you looking younger, happier, and feeling beautiful.

Christina emphasizes the need for proper skin care.

Your skin is your canvas, and beautiful skin radiates a glow that no amount of makeup can falsify. After seeing amazing results on her acne prone skin, she is a firm believer that no skin problem is without solution.

Christina never gave up on feeling beautiful, and she will do the same for you. Esthetics changed her life and she's hoping to help you find the joy and beauty that you already possess within yourself.